Anonymous asked:

Any tips to save money? Or be better managing it? xx

lilgivenchyprincess answered:

I love the app Mint because it really helps me keep track of things! Usually the start of every month I see if I have any big purchases I want to make/events going on and already mentally prepare to save money for that. Also the start of every season I make a list of things I know I have to have and those are the things I allow myself to splurge on! I have a rule that if I don’t wear something within 7 days of buying it I return it! I’ve learned that if I’m not excited enough by something to wear it when I get it then I don’t really need it! ☺️



Full worldwide Book 4 trailer high-quality 720p HD download

The official trailer on is only available to US viewers, the official worldwide version uploaded to youtube is a low-quality 480p copy, and other copies floating around are cut off and/or low-quality.

Above, you can watch the full Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance trailer in perfect high definition (1280x720, the largest resolution available) anywhere in the world, and download it here.